Dinner Guest...?

October 18, 2010

So Wednesday night Mike says to me, "Oh, by the way, we are going to have a special guest over for dinner tomorrow..." I say, "Who?" He says, "I can't tell you... It's a surprise..." "What?!? Why can't you tell me? Do I know this person?" "Yes... I can't tell you who it is though..." And then I went on prodding him with questions, trying to figure out who on earth would be surprising us for a dinner date. He wouldn't answer any of my questions, but being the detective I am and based on his facial expressions, I had it narrowed down to one of his college roommates that was out here maybe looking for a job with Walmart..? 

The next morning I get a call from Mike, "Hey, our guest is actually going to be coming over a little earlier..." "Like, when?" "Around lunchtime..." "Lunchtime 11:00 or Lunchtime 12:30?" "More like 11." (Mind you, it's 10:00 and I hadn't showered yet and the girls are still in their pjs.) "Um, can you stall for a little bit so I can hop in the shower?" "No, you don't need to shower." "Uh, yes I do! If we are going to have a guest in our home I would like to shower." "Believe me, don't shower..." (What? So now I started thinking that our special guest was actually Stacy and Clinton from "What Not to Wear" and they were coming to give me a makeover and Mike wanted me to look as gross as possible.) "Ok... just call me when you are getting close okay?" *hang up

Ten minutes later I hear a quick little knock on my door. Seconds later another knock and another quickly followed. When I finally got to the door, I saw the back of a woman's head through the glass window. She had dark hair that was curled with the ends lightly flipped out, just like my MOM!!!!! As soon as I saw that little hair flip I started crying and as soon as I got the door open Kylie started screaming "Mimi!!! Mimi!!!" I gave her a huge hug and looked just past her to see Mike pulling her suitcase out of the trunk of his car. 

Needless to say, she stayed for more than just dinner! We got to play with Mimi all weekend and it was fabulous! My sneaky little husband is quite the secret keeper. Apparently he had talked to my mom months ago about surprising me and even bought her ticket out here. Brownie Points? Oh yes! 

 The girls started every morning (and afternoon and evening) off with a tea party. "Mimi? Tea Party?"
  Kylie insists on only serving "Wah-doh" at her tea parties.

I have sooooo much more to post about our super fabulous weekend with my Mom!!!

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