Nothing Says Fall Like Pettin' Goats...

October 23, 2010

 While Mimi was here we made plans to visit a local pumpkin patch. We heard this one had a big corn maze and a pumpkin patch, hayrides and a petting zoo. Well, it wasn't quite what we expected... the short of it, we only stayed to pet the three goats in the petting zoo and only because we told Kylie we were going to go see the animals and she was really looking forward to it. Surprisingly, it ended up being a lot of fun. (I'm not a "goat person" so I elected to stay outside the fence with Emily and be in charge of taking pictures.)
Kylie loved the goats. She tried feeding them sticks for a while because when they first walked in she saw a goat chewing on a stick, so of course she assumed that's what they ate. Then daddy had the brilliant idea to feed them some green grass, go figure. They liked that a whole lot better and we had all three of the goats following Ky, Mimi and Daddy the whole rest of the time. We completely expected Kylie to be standoffish toward them based on how much she has disliked the other petting zoos we've been to, but she took to the animals right away, even giving them hugs and trying to pick up the "baby goa'."

 Em was my little buddy on the clean and less smelly side of the fence. 
(I think she gets a little freaked out by my camera because this is usually the face she gives me when I turn and point it at her...)
This is when Ky was following around the Baby Goa'. Such concentration. "I'm gonna get cha."
 Just saying hi...
 And Mike got a picture of the three ladies before we left.

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