Wild Wilderness Safari

July 18, 2010

In a little town called Gentry there is a little hill-billy zoo with all sorts of random animals. We decided that Kylie would love seeing all of the animals so we made the 20 minute trip and ended up having a great time. The Wild Wilderness Safari has all sorts of animals in their baby animal zoo, petting zoo, and drive-thru safari. We saw monkeys, tigers, zebras, camels, emus (those ones really freaked out Kylie until we started playing a peek-a-boo type game every time we drove by one. Now she calls them "Boo!"), deer, ostriches, kangaroos, a giraffe, hippos, hogs, a rhino and even buffa-cows! It was super hot that day (like heat index was above 100 degrees!) so thank goodness for the AC in our car.

Kylie loved all the monkeys!
Emily slept through just about all of the safari, waking up only once to eat. 
As Mike put it, "Good thing you were free, kid" :)

She especially loved the "baby ahh ahhs."

She wasn't as excited about the baby tigers as we thought she would be. Daddy had to convince her they were kittys before she would go anywhere near them.
Daddy feeding the monkey some stale bread that he found on the ground...
Mimi and Ky
The Kirby family on their first big outing as a family of four!

Going through the drive through safari. It was lots of fun and Kylie's reactions to the animals were priceless!
Some of our animal friends...
Checking out the giraffe. 
You can tell by Kylie's sweaty head just how hot it was, and we had only been out of the car for about 20 minutes...

Trying to get one last picture with Mimi before heading home... Kylie wasn't cooperating...

Grafulas  – (August 2, 2010 at 9:20 AM)  

That looks like fun--not every day you get to hang out with baby tigers :) I think your baby looks a lot like her big sister!

ti ti –   – (August 2, 2010 at 12:01 PM)  

mom looks gorgeous in all of these pics! You guys are such a cute little family xoxoxo

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