Emily Grace | A Baby Story

July 3, 2010

Emily joined the Kirby family at 6:53pm on July 1, 2010. She was 7 pounds, 5 ounces, and 19 inches long. Here is the story of that blessed day...

Mike and I woke up dark and early that morning and got ready to go to the hospital for our 5:30am induction appointment. Mimi, who came into town the day before, stayed home with Kylie that morning while we were getting ready for baby sister to arrive. We got to the hospital at 5:33, filled out our paper work and headed up to labor and delivery where we waited for our nurse to arrive and get my IV hooked up and the pitocin started. My labor nurse was Kathy. She was a firey little lady with a wit as quick as Mike's so it made her visits all that much more fun. We really got along great with her and were so happy she was my nurse that day.

Dr. Hannah finally came in at 9am to break my water and then my contractions started to pick up. Kylie and Mimi came to see us at the hospital at around 10:30. It couldn't have come soon enough. I missed my little girl and I wanted to savor every second I could with her while she was still our only child. (All morning my mom was sending us text updates and picture messages of Kylie as they were getting ready to come see us. It made the separation more bearable. Thanks, Mom!) We played in our hospital room, Kylie entertained us all with songs, dances, babies and just her silly self. She was so excited to see baby sister later that day. We brought our video camera along to capture the day and I'm so glad we did. Kylie's excitement was so precious and so fun to watch.

My contractions continued to intensify and by about 2pm I was ready for the most amazing medication known to man - my epidural! Once I got my epidural we were all able to relax. Mike took a little nap on the couch while I tried to rest in my bed and Mimi and Kylie went home for nap time. I was nervous that they would get home and then I would be fully dilated and ready for baby but it worked out that baby held out until right after they got back. I really wanted to make sure Kylie could come back into the room right after baby sister was born and it worked out perfectly. All day my contractions had been so inconsistent and my labor was a lot longer than we were anticipating but finally, at about 6:30, Dr. Hannah came in to check me again and see if we were ready. By that time my epidural had really worn down and I could feel a lot of pressure and I felt like we were ready to push. Dr Hannah told the nurse to get a table ready, had me push a couple times and said, "alright, let's have a baby!" After only about 10 minutes of pushing, she was here!!! We heard her sweet little cry, Dr. H set her on my chest while the nurse rubbed her down and she just lie there contently staring up at me. It was such an amazing moment. I asked if she was okay because she wasn't crying, but she was as healthy as could be, just so content and she has had that peaceful temperament ever since.

Mimi and Kylie came in after Mike and I were able to spend a few precious moments with our new beautiful baby girl. Watching Kylie come into the room to see her baby sister was so surreal. It was at that moment that I looked down at our new little baby and her big sister and realized we were now a family of four. AMAZING!

That night in the hospital with our new little baby was so special. I felt great, my baby was so healthy and I was there with my wonderful husband. We didn't sleep much, but it was because of all the excitement over our new little princess. I spent most of the night just staring at her.

That next morning we decided on a name for our baby girl:

Emily Grace Kirby

And she completely fits the name perfectly in every way. 

We are so in love with Miss Emily and are so excited she is here! She is so healthy and strong and such a beautiful baby. (Seriously, we make cute kids!) She is such a great little girl and we can't wait to watch her learn and grow.

During our labor and after delivery, Mike, my mom and I took pictures of all of the details of that day. I wanted to make sure we had every little thing captured so we could remember and share the story Emily's birth.

Welcome, Emily Grace! 
We love you!!!

Who's 'dis?  – (July 8, 2010 at 9:37 PM)  

Congratulations Erica! I'm glad that everything went so smoothly, and Emily is beautiful!

Mary  – (July 9, 2010 at 8:52 AM)  

What precious moments! Congrats! She is REALLY beautiful!

Anonymous –   – (July 12, 2010 at 10:04 PM)  

Love, Love, Love before after and forever. We are so blessed to have these lovely spirits in our lives. I love You Kids..

Mom and Terry

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