"Mama? Cah? Pah? Aye!"

July 30, 2010

Roughly translated, that title means, "Mommy, can we get in the car and go to the park? Yes!" Kylie loves the park as I've mentioned on here many times before. Unfortunately, it's been so stinking hot here lately that we haven't dared to spend time outside during the day so our trips to the "Pah" have been very limited. But when Grandma Linda was here and that meant Kylie got spoiled and was able to stay out past bed time just to go to the park. It was still in the low 90s but there was at least a breeze and the sun was on it's way down so it was bearable and I really don't think Kylie noticed the heat at all. She and Grandma played while Emily hung out with Mommy and Daddy.

We knew it was probably time to head home when Kylie stopped mid step to lay down on the stairs and said, "Nigh nigh!"

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