Emily Grace @ Three Weeks Old

July 27, 2010

Emie had her three week check up last week and as Dr. Harvey put it, "She looks perfect." (That's right!) She is eating great and growing fast. We can already tell that she is starting to fill out a little even though she is still so tiny. Here are her stats from her three week check-up:

Age: Three Weeks
Weight: 8 pounds 10 ounces
Height: 20 1/4 inches

Some things I never want to forget about Emily at three weeks old:

  • you LOVE to cuddle! If we could, you would cuddle on my chest all day long and be so content (and I would be too) you are my little cuddle bug and I love it.
  • you still love to curl up in a little ball and have your legs pulled up to your chest most of the time.
  • you prefer to sleep in your bassinet unswaddled with your arms up over your head. 
  • you grunt, alot! Especailly when trying to poop or sleeping.
  • you are becoming so curious about the world around you and are starting to follow mommy with your eyes.
  • you can sleep in just about any position, including sitting up 
  • you have more gassy smiles than any other baby I've known, and I love it!
  • you smell so yummy!
  • your eyes are turning a pretty shade of blue
  • and your hair is definitely a pretty shade of RED!
  • and did I mentioned I love cuddling with you?!?!

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