Preschool Graduate

April 19, 2013

Okay, well there was no graduation, but my little Ky is officially on her way to kindergarten and kissed preschool goodbye. 
I cannot believe that it has already been an entire school year and she is finished with school. We absolutely loved the BYU preschool and are so glad we decided to send Kylie there. She LOVED all of her teachers and all of the fun activities they did every day.

Her favorite center was painting, her favorite song and dance was tootie tot and bear hunt, and she loved playing in the sandbox and recess. Every single day my floor would be caked in sand after taking her shoes off when we got home.

At the end of the year they sent each child home with a bound portfolio of all of their photos and activities from the year. It is such a neat keepsake to have to remember her at this sweet stage. I also wanted to make sure that before I left, after dropping her off for her last day, that we would have some photos of her favorite things from preschool.
Kylie and her teacher, Mr. Brad, he was awesome! He put up with me sitting in the observation booth more than any other mom through the whole year :) 
They celebrated their last day with a pajama party and a movie (hence the jammies). 

And I had to get a picture of her in the same spot where she stood before her first day of school too. 

We were so sad to leave the gates of the preschool for the last time, but we had so much fun and Kylie loved every minute of it. 

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