Master Mike

April 29, 2013

He did it! Mike got his MBA!!

I am over the moon proud of my guy. It has been a loooong two years, but he we did it! I joke with him that he may have done all of the assignments, but this was a group effort for sure! 

We don't know where the Lord will take us next but we are excited to get started with our next adventure! 
It was so fun watching Daddy down there with the class of 2013 (the MBA's have the yellow sashes on and Mike is in the second row of sashes, second from the end furtherest from us) and we were so excited when his name was called. The girls and I practiced yelling "Go Daddy!!" Of course when the time came to scream it out it was hardly synchronized but Mike said it was still really cute :) 

As soon as they called his name though, we were out. I took all three of our fidgety babies up the stairs and back out to the lobby area to wait it out while they read the rest of the hundreds of graduates' names. Taking on a three hour graduation commencement ceremony with three kids by yourself, not the most awesome or sane thing to do; running around in the open hallways, way more awesome. 
When they were finally done reading we met Daddy outside for a few pictures at the Marriott Center in our BYU blue. 

And then we went over to where Mike spent the last two years, the Tanner building. 

Mike and Kylie both finished school during the same week and even though Kylie didn't have a formal preschool graduation, I still wanted to make sure we got some pictures of our two "graduates." 

(I made Kylie's cap and gown out of Mike's gown from when he earned his undergraduate degree 6 years ago.) 
We are so proud of you, Daddy! 

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