A Little of What's Coming

April 20, 2013

I feel like there is so much going on right now and so much to look forward to, but so much on our plates that I don't even know how to keep track of everything. Mike is in his last week of school right now, he graduates on Friday and it is so crazy to me to look back at how quickly this 2 year MBA program has flown by. Kylie is out of school so we are getting into the swing of summer (well, as much  as we can in the middle of spring). We are taking some new family pictures in the next couple of weeks so of course outfit choices and shopping has consumed a giant chunk of my brain. And we are busy planning our second annual trip to Disneyland next month. It's funny, we have been so consumed with everything else lately that our big family vacation next week has totally been put on the back burner, so much so that we didn't realize it was coming up so soon! We're excited though. The girls are ecstatic and I'm excited to not have to carry around a pregnant belly this time. 

Today, in between running our usual Saturday errands, Kylie ran out in her "family pictures dress," as she refers to it, and went out and picked flowers on the front lawn. There are a number of things about our cute little townhouse that I will be glad to leave when we finally move (mostly the space and the train) but I sure do love that little tree that sits right outside our family room window that blooms with the prettiest little pink and white blossoms in the Spring. I'll miss that tree :) 

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