December 8, 2012

My Mom and Andy (Mimi and Bapo) came into town again, but this time to visit the little munchkins for Christmas. We went out to the Riverwoods last night for a little holiday cheer. Seriously, have I mentioned how much I love that place? Every time we pull into the parking lot and I see those gorgeous Christmas lights my heart starts to flutter. It is so pretty. 
We went for the carriage rides and did a little dinner, dancing and window shopping while we were there too. And we tried to get the girls to see Santa but Ky said she would rather just write him a letter than sit on his lap... can't say I really blame her...
Riverwoods 01Riverwoods 02

They have the most beautiful art exhibit at the Zion's Mercantile store right now all about the life of the Savior. So fitting for this time of year. There are some pieces in their that are absolutely breathtaking, I would highly recommend getting in there and spending the evening browsing the gallery. I've been twice and have loved it both times. The Liz Lemon Swindle gallery was my favorite :)Riverwoods 03
While we were in the gallery, I took off my coat and realized the Hudson and I were twinners. Apparently I have a thing for grey and white horizontal stripes :)
Riverwoods 05Riverwoods 04
And did I mention how pretty the lights are down there? And how about the fact that we are now a family of five? I'm still getting used to saying that. I mean, just look at all those people in that family picture. That's a lot of people... weird :)

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