Putting Off Bedtime

December 29, 2012

Sometimes we stay up past bedtime because the kids are being too cute to interrupt them with things like getting their jammies on and teeth brushed. I think they try to look extra cute because they know I wont make them go to bed if I want to take pictures of them first :)


before bed 28
They are all growing up too fast and it scares me. It used to be that when old ladies at church would say, "they grow up so fast..." I would smile and brush it off, but lately I've been realizing how quickly they really are growing. It makes me want to soak in every second and it definitely helps me to be more patient and stay to sing an extra song or lay down for an extra cuddle. 
The other day, Mike stopped by a neighbors house to drop something off and made comment about how uncomfortable it felt being in their home because of how spotless it was. There kids were grown so there was no one there to make messes. He assured me that it may be crazy and chaotic in our house now, there may be toys everywhere and food on the floor, but in 20 years, when our house is spotless and there's no one running around screaming, we'll miss it. I believe him. I love that our house is rarely quiet, I'm learning to love the messes, but most of all I love all of the love that is felt here and I hope that my children always feel that love too. 

Janelle  – (January 3, 2013 at 11:48 AM)  

Ben and I spent last weekend in Maine celebrating our anniversary, and we left the girls with my parents in Connecticut. I swear Julie grew and grew up in the 61 hours we were gone. Definitely too fast.

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