Christmas Morning

December 26, 2012

Christmas morning was wonderful! The kids all gave us one of the best presents ever, they all slept in until 9am! (That was a huge deal considering Daddy and I didn't even get in bed until 5am.) Seriously, it was the perfect way to start the day seeing their bright-eyed faces excitedly running into our room after sleeping in for so long. I could go on and on, have I mentioned how much I like to sleep in? 
The girls must have been good this year because Santa brought them the exact princess bikes that they had asked for (with the weird doll carriages and all...)
Even though she slept until nine, Kylie was so excited to get downstairs. She (not so) patiently waited at the top of the stairs for Emmie to go potty, Hudson to get his diaper changed, Daddy to get the video camera, Mommy to take a couple pictures... well you can see why she was (not so) patiently waiting. When we finally let them down, she raced to the bottom, leaving Emily far behind, to see if Santa had come. 
When Emily finally got her little legs down the stairs and saw her Cinderella bike she was beyond excited. She kept yelling, "My Cinder-rel-ra bike!" and after circling it a few times and deciding she didn't like the weird carriage, she asked Daddy if he could put her on it (she has since figured out how to climb up and it is her new favorite place to sit).
Christmas2012 26
My little Hudson boy had no idea what was going on but he still looked cute as heck in his little Santa jammies. He and Daddy hung out on the couch while the girls tore into their gifts and then helped him open his. 
Gol-ly I could stare at this kid all day. Doesn't he just make you all warm and fuzzy inside, or is that just me?
Christmas2012 27 
The girls also got a new kitchen from Mommy and Daddy. And it's a good thing they love it so much because that right there is the reason we didn't sleep. It turned out exactly how I imagined it would and that makes me one happy mommy. We still have to attach the door on the oven but the girls loved it even without it. 
Christmas2012 29
Daddy was in charge of the video camera and Hudson was in charge of looking cute. Done and done. 
christmas2012-13 christmas2012-31 
Big Sister, Kylie, took it upon herself to let Hudson watch her open all of his presents. What a nice sister. 
The girls each got these little fur-real kittens. Kylie is obsessed with hers. It comes everywhere with us because if it doesn't the kitty will miss her too much, she snuggles with it, takes her to bed, and even gives her pretend baths in the kitchen sink. She tells me it's her real kitty and that it was her favorite present (after the kitchen of course).
Christmas2012 28 
Kylie is excited about her kitten, Hudson is a little freaked out by the noises I'm making to try to get him to look at the camera and Emily is so over taking pictures... just another typical family photo :)

After we redecorated the living room with torn paper and bows the girls sat on their bikes in the living room and pretended to go places. They each packed up their carriages with babies and flowers and anything else they could fit in there. And they never actually tried to pedal, just pretended :)christmas2012-23 
And I sat on the floor with Hudson and made goo goo faces and silly noises because that is what we do. 
It was a perfect Christmas morning, full of magic and surprises and happy babies; everything we were going for. 

She Loves The Color Pink  – (December 28, 2012 at 11:40 AM)  

These pictures are too perfect! What a wonderful Christmas morning. That kitchen is to die for!!! Merry christmas!

Janelle  – (January 3, 2013 at 11:42 AM)  

When did Santa go bald? Those pics of Hudson sitting on Mike's knee are awesome!

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