3 Months Old

December 27, 2012

Hudsey Boy, he's my little buddy. We go everywhere and do everything together. Mostly because he pretty much tells me what I can do and when, but also because he's my guy. He is the sweetest, most mild tempered baby and he has quite the little personality already. He is just always content and I am completely smitten by him. 

He is learning that mommy is a very funny lady and his little laugh just kills me. Not to brag but I'm really good at making him laugh with all sorts of snorts and snarls, he's such a boy. Kylie's new favorite thing to do is make him laugh too, I might love that even more than when he laughs at me. And Emily usually watches and yells, "he's laughing, mommy!" or tries to snort which is also quite funny. 
Last we checked (on our home scale) he was a little over 15.5 lbs. He's a chunk and he loves to eat. That's one thing all of our babies have in common. He is also sleeping through the night (most nights) too. I usually put him to bed at about 7:30 and he'll sleep until about 7:00am, eat, play for a little while, and then go back to sleep for a couple hours. He's on a pretty good schedule which is nice especially because it works with the girls' schedules. Don't be jealous, but all three kids have nap time at the same time every day and that means I get real, uninterrupted quiet time every day. I'll repeat that, every. day. (and I know that now that I put that in writing I just completely jinxed myself...)

My favorite time of day is still probably bedtime when I get my quiet cuddles with my little boy. He just moved into his own room with his big boy bed the day after Christmas and I'm not going to lie, I had a mini emotional meltdown (those pretty much occur weekly around here though). It's a strange transition, going from being inches away from your baby and then he's all the way down the hall. It made me realize that he's growing up faster than I want him to. That first night, Mike, half-joking, told me it was okay for me to go sit in his room all night, and that he would make me a little bed in there if I needed it. I laughed, and in my head thought about which blankets I would lay out on his floor :) I spent a little time watching him sleep before going to bed myself and in the morning he called for me and we snuggled in his chair just like every other morning. Those snuggles before bed and early in the morning, when the whole house is quiet, those are my favorite. 

Janelle  – (January 3, 2013 at 11:46 AM)  

That onesie is pretty much the cutest thing ever. And I never noticed before seeing the first pic in this post how incredibly BLUE his eyes are! Dark blue, and beautiful!

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