Easter 2012

April 12, 2012

The girls woke up to baskets of treats and toys on Easter morning. We took a little time to enjoy the fun tradition, watched the girls stuff their faces with rice crispy eggs and candy for breakfast, and then rushed to get to church on time. (We were late, as always :)
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Kylie got to sing in church with the rest of the primary for the first time on Easter Sunday. We were all so excited and practiced her song in the car over and over for weeks leading up to the little performance. When it was the primary's turn the Bishop invited all of the children to come up to the front and Kylie bolted out of her seat until she got to the last pew before the front. She froze and wouldn't go up. Mike ended up standing up there with her so that she could sing. He said she barely whispered any of the words (but at least she was up there :) When she got back to her seat she was so upset that she didn't sing loud and kept asking if she could go back up and do it again. Poor girl and that poor stage fright. 
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After we got home from church we had a little lunch and the girls had a nap. Which gave the bunny just enough time to stop by and hide some eggs. I had full intention of getting a Sunday picture of the girls all dolled up in their Easter best but it just didn't happen. Instead they did their last egg hunt in outfits they picked out themselves :) 
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And now, that should finally be the end of the Easter posts. Whew, I told you Easter goes on and on when you have kids!

The Emro Family  – (May 7, 2012 at 5:57 PM)  

Oh my goodness CONGRATS... a little boy! Ahh, you're gonna love it, no matter how rambuncious, busy, and dirty they get they are always momma's little guy! I was worried I wouldn't know what to do with a boy and now I have TWO and they are the most snuggly senstive to their mommy boys ever! And busy. haha

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