Another Easter Egg Hunt

April 10, 2012

We headed over to Pioneer Park next for the Provo City Egg Hunt. It wasn't really a hunt though as the eggs  were literally just thrown all over a roped off piece of grass and when they said go kids just ran out and scooped them up. It was pretty insane. There was a 5 egg limit for every child so the good news was that each of our girls found 5 times more eggs than they did at our last hunt :) Kylie actually went a little crazy during the "hunt," filling her basket with as many as she could see, we ended up putting alot back (even though she claimed she was just getting more for Emily - uh huh, sure you were...) I couldn't even grab her attention (and it was way to crowded) for me to get a picture of her at least picking up an egg.  Daddy was smart and carried little Emily to the very middle where it wasn't crowded yet and straddled a little clump of eggs for her to "find." 
Pioneer Park Easter 01 Pioneer Park Easter 05
It was stinking cold when they first started (hence all the layers under their Easter outfits) but as soon as they yelled "GO!" I think Kylie forgot about her numb fingers :)
Pioneer Park Easter 04 Pioneer Park Easter 02

The girls were pretty excited about checking out the little prizes inside their eggs. We even got some coupons for free lunch in a couple of them and you know we took advantage of that one :) Also, they were the cutest kids at this egg hunt too :)Pioneer Park Easter 03

Janelle  – (April 27, 2012 at 9:46 AM)  

I love Emily's face in the second picture...she's like, "Uh, Dad? Could you not be so weird, please? This is going on Mom's blog."

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