Worn out

July 25, 2011

Getting ready to move is stressful, and tiring, and makes you want to just close your eyes and hope that when you open them all of the packing and cleaning and moving will have been done for you. (Believe me, I've tried that a few times but it hasn't worked yet...) I haven't started packing yet because, honestly, I just don't want to. But we have been trying to get everything else in order...

We bought a house. It's really cute and we are really excited about it. It's actually a brand new construction townhouse and we get to pick all of the colors and fixtures and everything. I think that's why I'm excited. We honestly weren't even looking at townhouses but then we found this one and it was an end unit for a great price so we had to jump on it. I'm really excited to see how it all comes together. We still own our AR house because honestly, the market is just not right for sellers, so we are renting it out. Between long-distance home shopping, getting our house ready to show potential renters, running a business, and keeping these adorable little girls entertained (so they wont make messes), I think we are all feeling like this:

It's hard to believe that this is all really happening so soon. When we first moved out to Arkansas we always had it in our plan that we would move back out west but it wouldn't be until Mike had a few years' work experience under his belt. Well, three years have come and gone and here we are, getting ready to leave our southern adventure and get back to our western roots. We are super excited but it's still hard to believe. As of right now, the big move date is August 8th. We'll have our official new-home walk through on the 10th and be Utah residents not long after that. Eek! When I actually see that all in writing it seems so much sooner than I keep telling myself when I sit on the couch and debate whether I should start packing or not...

Ready or not, 2 more weeks and we're off!
{I found this picture from a few weeks ago and had to post it here so I didn't forget.} When Emily was learning how to walk, the only way she would walk on her own (without holding our hands) was to do it with a bottle hanging out of her mouth. No joke, this is the only way she would do it. It was so funny. Maybe it helped her keep her center of gravity? I'm so grateful for photos and blogs that help to make sure I never forget the silly and quirky things our little girls do.

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