The 4th of July

July 8, 2011

Our Forth of July was pretty dang awesome this year. We went out to Memorial Park where they were having a big fireworks show. I was nervous about how the girls would do since the show didn't even start until hours after bedtime, but they were great. (I'm always a worrier though...) We laid out our big festive blanket, threw on some light-up necklaces and glow bracelets and played until the fireworks started.

 Kylie practiced running faster and faster and bigger and bigger (as she would describe it).
When the sun went down we cuddled up close and watched the "big booms." Kylie thought they were a little too loud at first but then described them as, "My dream come true!" while holding her hands together under her chin and smiling up at the sky. (She really is a little princess!) Emily was amazed by the twinkling lights and didn't even seem to notice the overwhelming noise. She just sat and watched with her mouth wide open almost the whole time.

Mike and I laid next to each other on our blanket with our little girls cuddled up on top of us. You know those moments that you imagined years ago, before your husband or babies came along, and you wondered if life could really be that great? That was one of those moments. Laying with my family watching the fireworks on a warm summer night. I didn't even bother snapping any more pictures for the rest of the night because I just wanted to enjoy the moment and enjoy my family. It was a very happy 4th!

(Thank you point-and-shoot for doing a good job while the big boy sat this one out at home. True, I do not appreciate your low quality or blinding flash, but you are easy and portable and alot less likely to break when my crazy kids are climbing all over me. You done good, kid.)

Mary  – (August 2, 2011 at 8:44 AM)  

I love that feeling- like your entire exsistance revolves around that one moment. Glad you had such a good fourth.

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