That's My Girl

July 4, 2011

If you've ever met Kylie, you know that she loves to be the center of attention. (Heck, if you've ever read our blog, you know that she loves attention. Ha!) While we were doing Emily's one year pictures, Ky was getting pretty antsy and kept asking if it was her turn yet. I told her to go put on a pretty dress and get a hair pretty and it could be her turn next. She came back with her favorite (jammie) dress, put her headband on all by herself, and said, "I'm reeeeeeeeaaddyyyyyyy!" while she curtsied and flashed her cutest smile.

Silly Girl Collage
Oh, man! 
(Doesn't she just brighten your day?) 

But she's not always so silly. 
She's a real sweetheart too and can make you completely melt.
bw ky

How did I get so lucky?

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