Mother's Day

May 10, 2011

Have you missed me? You can always tell when life gets busy or I get slammed with my photography biz because our blog completely suffers. Sorry about that... But thank goodness for blogger back-dating so I can still keep my posts in the order that they happened (This was actually posted on 6/20 but lets pretend like it was 5/10). Ready for this? Here comes a massive update over the next couple days (all back-dated of course).

Mother's day was really special. It always is. Mike and my girls know just how to make me feel special and appreciated and loved. I got to sleep in a little that morning (well as much as you can when church starts at 9am), Mike took care of all of the meals and diapering and let me relax all day. Then after a wonderful dinner I told him the one thing I wanted was to take some pictures of our girls so he humored me and helped me get them ready as fast as we could before the sun went down.

By the time we got out there we had about 10 minutes of good light and Emily was soooo ready for bedtime but Kylie was all about the little yellow flowers and wanted to "pick all of them!" I just adore these pictures of my little sweethearts and even more that we took them on a day that we celebrate motherhood. I am so lucky to be the mommy of these two little girls.

Ti Ti –   – (June 21, 2011 at 9:08 AM)  

omg kylie is hilarious in all of these pictures :) I'm surprised to see lulu sitting down haha

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