First and Third Easter

May 10, 2011

This year was Emily's first and Kylie's third Easter. It's true what they say, holidays are much more fun when you have little ones to enjoy them with. Kylie loved painting Easter eggs and Emily loved finding them.

We ended up waiting to paint our eggs until Easter morning and to minimize the mess (and the likelihood of mommy having a heart attack), we opted for painting with dye-filled q-tips instead of the traditional cups of dye. (I highly recommend the tips.) It was fun watching Kylie concentrating so hard while she painted with her little tongue sticking out. She is quite the little artist. And Emily was going nuts watching her big sis and playing with her own little plastic eggs.

(I never know where to put the explanation on each photo, so in this post it comes before each photo)
So excited!
Yes, we photographed and recorded the whole egg painting experience. overboard? perhaps.
I think this was either her kissy face or her smile with her lips closed. We'll keep working on it.
These little plastic eggs kept Emily entertained for about a week straight.
Such concentration. That little tongue cracks me up!
Emily sharing her beautiful egg.
The masterpieces. I bet you can't guess who painted which ones. Hint: Ky painted four and mommy and daddy each painted two.
When we were all finished, Daddy gave Ky the roll of paper towels so she could help clean up. She preferred using them to play peek-a-boo with her baby sister.

Since we painted eggs in the morning we asked the Easter Bunny if he could come by during nap time to help us hide some eggs and treats for the girls. Emily got into the Easter Bunny's stash before he could hide them all. We learned that she really likes goldfish crackers...

Easter goodies for the girls. It's always so fun seeing the expression of Kylie's face when she walks out into the living room to find surprises like this.
After exploring the basket and trying to sneak some candy, Kylie spotted the first of the hidden eggs and raced around the room gathering as many as she could.
Emily found a few of her own.
Kylie got her very own Rapunzel doll from Mimi for Easter. She loooooooves it. I just wish her hair wouldn't get "tangled" quite so easily (pun intended). 
And finally, showing off her basket full of eggs. I can't wait until next year when both girls will be racing around finding eggs (and I'm sure fighting over some of them).
Reading her new books. I love that she loves to read.
I love putting up little decorations during each of the holidays. Here are just a few of our cute little Spring decorations.
The mantle:
The egg banner made from paint samples, Annalee chicks from my Inky Grandma, and there should be tulips there too but they died by the time I got around to taking a picture and I really didn't want to take the girls out in the rain just to get some more for a picture. So use your imagination :)
Cute little Annalee bunnies. I grew up with Annalee dolls and they always give me warm fuzzies when I see them because they remind me of my childhood and traditions. Isn't it fun how silly little dolls can bring such a smile to your face when they have those memories attached?
I've been slowly redecorating every room in our house over the last few months. I just felt like taking a picture of a few of our new cute pillows. I think they are fun, bright and even Springy, and I love them. I made the yellow ruffle one (and two others that aren't pictured). 
I will have to do a post on our cute house soon, mostly so I have a record of how cute our house was before we have to downsize and become poor college students again.
Happy First and Third Easter!

Daddy –   – (May 17, 2011 at 2:01 PM)  

I love it! You're amazing with the cutest family in the world!

The Johnson Family  – (May 18, 2011 at 3:56 PM)  

I love Kylie's pyramids shirt! Mikenna wears the same one when she paints! :)

Kayleen  – (May 28, 2011 at 7:47 PM)  

i always seem to miss some of your posts. I love the pics of your girls. I just want to squeeze both of them. Especially Miss Emily with those bulldog cheeks. So sweet!

And... I love that yellow pillow! Can't wait to see pictures of your cute house! I've wanted to ever since you moved and based on what I can see in the backgrounds of your pics!

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