Santa Baby

December 22, 2010

We took the girls to go see Santa for FHE this week. The whole week before, we were prepping Kylie, asking her, "What are you going to ask Santa to bring you for Christmas?" She would excitedly answer, "TOYS!" or "PRESENTS!" and occasionally she would be more specific and say "ANIMALS!" By the time the day came to go see the big guy in red, Kylie was all ready to go. She was going to sit on his lap, tell him what she wanted and I was going to get some great pictures that we would cherish forever. Well, we got there and she wanted nothing to do with him. She was perfectly content watching him from a distance, but sitting on his lap was out of the question. Emily, on the other hand, sat down like it was no big thing, happy as could be. We even tried telling Kylie, "See? Emmie Grace is on Santa's lap, don't you want to sit by her?" "No, I'm good." she answered. So instead of the perfect picture of Kylie and Emily on Santa's lap with smiles ear to ear, I got this one, with Santa banished to the back of the chair...

But then, when we thought all was lost, Santa brought out the big guns. Chocolate. Kylie started to like him a little bit more after that...
Okay, maybe alot more... She gave him a BIG hug when it was time to say bye.
I tried one more time, "Kylie, do you want to sit on Santa's lap so Mommy can get a picture?" "No, I'm good."
So we called it good, since I got the super cute picture of Ky hugging Santa and headed to the food court to moderately enjoy some overpriced pizza. When we were finished we decided to try one more time (since there was no line this time) and Kylie hopped right up there without any coaxing and started telling Santa all about the presents she wanted. (I think this time she knew there was candy in it for her because as soon as she was done, she hopped right down and went straight for Santa's basket of chocolates. That's my girl!)
Merry Christmas!

Janelle  – (January 4, 2011 at 7:51 AM)  

He looks/sounds like he's a good Santa. And Ghirardelli chocolate? Whatever happened to cheap, broken candy canes?

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