Christmas Eve in NH {part one}

December 26, 2010

We spent Christmas in New Hampshire this year. It is always so wonderful to be out there with my family and this trip was no different. I always love visiting with my mom and sister because they freak out about how cute my kids are just as much as I do :)

On Christmas Eve we went on a festive sleigh ride. It was freeeeeeezing cold, but we all got bundled up and had a good time. The girls loved all of the lit-up Christmas decorations along the trail. It was so fun seeing Emily's face light up (no pun intended) and hearing all of  Kylie's "ooooooohs."

I love my sister. I asked Titi to take a picture for us... so she posed... I meant take a picture for us of us.

The cute little, bundled -up Kirbys. Emily was trying to figure out what the heck was going on and why on earth we would bring her out into this freezing cold weather.

Kylie and her Titi. Oh, how she loves her Titi!

Daddy and Emmie Grace and Daddy's Hot Cocoa.

Ky was Titi's little buddy the whole night.

Mimi, Titi, and Kylie on the sleigh/wagon ride.

The end of the ride took us to a little house where Santa was waiting to greet us along with a couple of his reindeer. Here are Ky and Titi checking out the reindeer.

Posing with some friendly Christmas characters.

Mimi and Mommy. (That's weird that I'm the Mommy and she's the Mimi...)

And finally, before we headed home, we drove around to see some Christmas lights. There were some pretty crazy ones out there! Mike took all of these pictures because I was too woosy to get out of the car in the cold.
The bottom right was really cool but super creepy. Those are real deer in front of a taxidermy shop... He had reindeer, caribou and elk out there too... yikes

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