Our Merry Little Christmas Morning

December 23, 2010

Mommy and Daddy wrote Santa a letter and asked him if he wouldn't mind dropping off the girls' gifts a few nights early since we were headed to Mimi's house for Christmas this year. The big guy gladly obliged and we were able to have our own little Christmas morning at home before we made the trip out the New Hampshire.

Here's the living room right after Santa left on our Christmas Eve (eve, eve).

It's funny, now that I'm a mommy, Christmas morning is so different. I don't really care what gifts I get [Mike, pay no attention to that last statement...] I get so excited to see the expressions and excitement on my children's faces. This year was especially fun because Kylie knew exactly how this whole "presents" thing worked and she knew all about Santa and she was so excited to help Emmie Grace with her presents too.
Ky did so well passing out the presents this year. No one really asked her to do it, I think she was just super excited and took it upon herself. She knew that the striped wrapping paper was Emily's, the polka-dots were Kylie's, the ornaments were Daddy's, and Mommy's were plain red.
She helped Emmie open all of her presents (and the rest of us too, for that matter). It was adorable because she actually helped and showed her the proper way to rip it open. 
This is the book that Kylie picked out just for her Sissy. They have both gotten alot of fun out of it.

One of Ky's favorites was her brand-new, real-life, kid-tough camera. These pictures that she's been taking are so fun. I am definitely going to have to do an entire post of just those images.

The aftermath...

When all was done, we hurried and packed our bags for our trip to New Hampshire (talk about last minute packing) and headed to the airport that afternoon. Notice I didn't say we cleaned up? Yeah, we picked up the wrapping paper, but our house pretty much looked like this for a whole week while we were gone... It was worth it though. Our girls had a great Christmas!

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