Happy 30th Old Man

March 18, 2013

My guy turned 30! 

For weeks (and even longer) I've been teasing him about turning 30, about how old he was going to be and how I'm soooo much younger. But much to my dismay, he never even batted an eye at my playful banter. He set goals for himself a long time ago, all things he wanted to accomplish before his 30th birthday, but this little go-getter had them all checked off by the time he was 25. So turning 30 was no big deal for him, but we still made it a big deal, because that's how we do :)
I didn't make his favorite cake... shame on me... but I did make his 2nd favorite cake. And we tied 30 balloons to the ceiling, each with a different thing that we love about him. He walked around the room reading each one and making up his own as he went along. The girls we so giddy watching him, I'm sure because they got to help with the surprise. 
 There were lots of hugs and kisses and a few gifts, but most importantly, there was (his 2nd favorite) cake. Have I mentioned how much this boy loves cake? 
 Kylie made her own card and sign for Daddy so he was sure to know that it was his birthday. 
[Now that she knows how to write, she insists on making cards and signs for every occasion. It's so fun]

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you... even though you're old!

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