Egg Hunts

March 30, 2013

We went to an Easter egg hunt that was put on by the MBA spouses association on Friday and both girls got toooooootally jipped. Emily got one egg (and a rock), and only because Mike was fighting off the other kids so she could get one, and Kylie got zero, and she cried. It was so sad. Sooooo, the next day our church was putting on a hunt and we figured we'd try our luck one more time and hopefully walk away a with maybe two eggs this time. 

Thankfully for their little eggs loving hearts, they had the kids sectioned off by age, there were more than enough for all of the kids, and they actually hid the eggs rather than just throwing them in a big pile on the lawn and saying, here kids, go fight over these (I mean seriously, it's called a hunt for a reason). I digress... 
The girls had the best time searching for the little plastic candy holders. And by a few minutes into it, the bigger kids were helping them fill their baskets and reach the little eggs that were up a little too high. It made my little mama heart feel better after my babes were crying the night before.

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