March 29, 2013

These little girls LOVE to bake. They pretty much just love to be in the kitchen, period. Kylie would seriously rather watch the Food Network over any cartoon and when 4pm rolls around, the world stops because Giada De Laurentiis is on TV. She is her idol, I'd even goes as far as to say she's obsessed. 

The other day I needed a serious mid-day chocolate fix and my girls needed something to do so I convinced them to make me some cookies. I let them mix up the whole thing themselves (which was a big deal for me and my ocd...) 

 Kylie was sooo excited to be able to crack the eggs all by herself. I didn't give her any instructions since she told me that she already knew how to do it (from watching Giada I'm sure), so I just watched. She cracked it on the side of the bowl with so much confidence, until it oozes all over her hands. She was so surprised and disgusted. It was pretty hilarious. Ever since, every time I go to crack an egg, she chimes in and is sure to tell me she does NOT want to do the eggs anymore.
And in case you were wondering, they were delicious.

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