Papa T Came to Visit

October 26, 2012

My dad came out for a visit and to officially meet his grandson. He's such a proud Grandpa and it's so fun to watch. My dad may try to act all tough with his Harley sweatshirt and handlebar mustache, but inside he's really a big softie, especially when it comes to his grandbabies (sorry, Dad, your secret's out). 
The girls adore their Papa T. He's the best at horse bites and the claw and they especially loves when he throws them on the couch. Hudson will soon learn how cool his papa is too :) 
PapaT 07-1
We had such a great time having him here and he was such a good sport, following along while we did our typical day-to-day errands, like preschool and shopping and everything else we do. I even got him to come along to the fabric store (it's amazing what sort of leverage cute babies can give you). We ate lots of yummy foods, had some of my dad's famous bbq tri-tip (seriously, it's amazing), watched the Giants make it to the World Series, and really just hung out and played for the rest of the time he was here. 
It was such a great week! We had so much fun. We love you Papa, T! Come back soon!

Kayleen  – (December 19, 2012 at 1:35 PM)  

I just love both your parents and how you talk about them. What wonderful grandparents your children have been blessed with!

Janelle  – (January 3, 2013 at 11:36 AM)  

My FIL rides a Harley. He's an ex-Marine. He cries. I get it.

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