Life with 3

October 11, 2012

I have three kids. Three. 

I remember, when I was younger, thinking that people with three kids had to be sooo old. And now, I'm one of those people, only I don't feel old :) Three has been a bit of an adjustment, but like I've mentioned before, it hasn't been so bad because we've had family around to help us out. The girls are craving a little more attention from me, but understandably since I haven't seen them much with the sick buggies that they had been carrying around the house with them. Thankfully, those are finally gone and it feels like we can start being a real family of five and do things together, like sit in the same room (Dang flu bug!) It's been fun.

Our toughest challenge has probably been bedtime with three kids. I take care of putting Hudson to sleep and Mike (bless his heart) has the job of getting the two crazies, I mean princesses, to relax long enough to maybe fall asleep. We used to be able to tag team it and do pretty well with little girls staying in their beds and closing their eyes, you know, the usual bedtime stuff, but now it's just plain old craziness. I think Emily spends more time at the top of the stairs than she does in her bed :) I've even gone as far as to just make her a bed at the top of the stairs to see if that would work. We'll get our groove back though... right? 

The girls absolutely adore their little brother. They got to hold him for the first time this week (aside from their meeting him and getting a short cuddle in the hospital right after he was born). Both of them were ecstatic when it was finally their turn. Kylie looked so old and like such a good big sister. I think she's going to be the one to protect her little guy. And Emily looked so grown up and like such a big girl but so small at the same time :) I guess that's what you can expect when you have a tiny girl and a giant baby though. We are convinced that at some point in the not-so-far future, Hudson is going to pass up his little-big sister in size. The funny thing is, Kylie will only hold him for about a minute at a time and then complain that he is too heavy, but Emily would hold him all day if we'd let her. She loves that little boy and it is the sweetest thing to see. 

We also took the Hudson in for his two week check up and he is growing great and looks healthy as can be. (And can I just add, I cannot believe that he is already two weeks old!) He is up to 9 1/2 lbs which makes me happy. It always feels good to have big healthy, chubby babies and I'm sure he will be just that. It was weird to hear the nurses call us back for his appointment, when you hear someone else say your sons name it makes it feel a little more official I guess, and not just like you're living your own little dream.

Lastly, that photo up there is officially the most perfect photo ever taken in the history of the world and it will be blown up on canvas for my house (and no, I am not biased in the least). I look at it every single day and just melt over my three perfect little babies. I cannot believe how blessed I am. It is a truly wonderful gift to be the mother of these three little angels. They bring me so much joy and I am so glad they are mine. 

Janelle  – (December 5, 2012 at 12:05 PM)  

It absolutely IS a perfect photo.

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