The First Bath

September 30, 2012

I don't really know why we take pictures of our children's first baths but I felt like I should, so I did... (Do other people do this too? Or am I just a little crazy with how many pictures I take of my kids?)  Hudson is our chill little guy. He hardly ever makes a peep, the most noise I've really ever heard him make was tonight during his first at-home sponge bath. He was not much of a fan of lying on a towel and getting wiped down with a wet washcloth (I wouldn't be either...). But as soon as we got him wrapped back up and Mike massaged some shampoo into his hair, boy was he in heaven.

Mike said that's how his first bath in the hospital was too. He whined a little while the nurse washed his little body but as soon as she moved on to the scalp massage he was a happy camper.

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