4 Days

September 30, 2012

It felt so so good to bring our baby boy home and has been so great enjoying him here. The girls have done wonderfully so far, well given the circumstances... We have quite the little sick bug running around our house right now so Hudson and I are pretty much quarantined to our bedroom so he doesn't catch it. It's horrible because they keep asking if they can hold him or give him kisses and I have to keep saying no, not until the sick buggies go away... But, even though they can't hold him or really be near him yet, they are both still so excited about their new baby brother. 
I'm excited about him too :) He is such a good baby. The first couple nights were spent holding him, partly because I didn't want to let him go, and the other part because he just wanted to nurse (so I didn't get any real sleep) but since the milk fairies paid us a visit he has slept great (well, for a newborn at least). 
Everyone keeps asking how the transition from 2-3 really is. I don't think our case is all too typical because we have my mom and Mike's mom here right now to ease the transition, and it's only been a few days, but so far it's been really great. Like I said though, the girls have been sick so I've been taking care of one child while Mike and the Grandma's take care of the girls. As soon as they get better and everyone leaves though, ask me again... I'm sure my answer will be different :)

(Also, obviously my blogging has suffered since this little guy came, but I promise I've still been taking lots of pictures, I just haven't found time to post anything. But I do instagram just about everyday so if you are dying for a baby fix you can follow mw on there: Kirbymama)

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