So, we went to California...

August 17, 2012

Baby brother is coming in 6 more weeks and our lives are about to get pretty crazy... So on a bit of a whim we decided to go to California for a long weekend. We figured it will be alot harder to do with three kids and we wont be going anywhere for a while with a brand new baby. Plus, Mike was starting school again soon, Kylie's birthday was coming up and I had plenty to do before BB arrives so it seemed like our only real chance.

The drive was long, but the girls were great (thank you dvd player) and we loved spending so much time with my Dad. The girls love their Papa T, that's for sure. We spent time eating out at all of my favorite restaurants (that's the nice thing about being the pregnant one- you get to pick the restaurants), we enjoyed the view from my dad's balcony and lots of ice cream, and my dad loved showing his grand babies off to everyone he knows :) 

We made sure to visit the city during our short trip. Being back in San Francisco always makes me feel like I'm home. I love that city. 
I instagram-ed a bunch more pictures from our trip (so I'l put those up at the end of the month). It was so much fun and way too quick. We didn't get a chance to see anyone really but it was so wonderful spending time with my Dad and just getting away for a bit. It's crazy to think that the next time we are back in the bay there will be 5 of us... eek!

Janelle  – (September 17, 2012 at 9:28 AM)  

Kylie's hair os so long and smooth! And Emmy's is hilarious in the bubbles pictures, especially from the back.

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