The Kirby Family Reunion ‘12

July 10, 2012

We made it up to the Kirby reunion after years of being too far away! It was such a fun weekend with camping and cousins and all that fun stuff that comes along with reunions. This year we went up to Mackay, Idaho. It was gorgeous. And we even did the tent thing – with two little ones and one big pregnant whiner – Mike was a brave man :) The girls thought it was the coolest little adventure and called our tent the “castle” and went exploring with their homemade lanterns.
I think the girls’ favorite part of the whole weekend was going to down to lake and throwing rocks. We had to do it a few times because they kept asking to go back. Our last night up there we made a sunset trip up there and had the best time. The girls loved the activity and I loved the scenery. It was perfect, watching the sunset while my little girls threw rocks with their Daddy. Life doesn’t get much better than that :)
IMG_7973 IMG_7978 IMG_7990web IMG_7983 IMG_8014

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