4th of July

July 5, 2012

So, Provo puts on a pretty good party for the 4th of July. We heard that the parade was a pretty big deal and the day before I just happened to be driving down the parade route and saw people already setting out their chairs and tents, getting ready to spend the night to get a good seat for the show. What? We weren’t about to do that, so we decided to take our chances the next morning. Lucky for us, right when we got there (about 45 minutes late) a family was packing up right in the front so we moved right in and got a great view of the rest of the parade. The floats were pretty impressive, the marching bands were “TOO LOUD!” according to the girls, there were tons of beauty queens (aka princesses),  and we enjoyed it very much – but it was HOT! 

They even had those giant balloons! Like the Macy’s balloons- okay maybe not that big, but they were pretty fun!
IMG_5893 IMG_5896 IMG_5905
After the parade we walked through the downtown vendor booths, got some overpriced melted Jamba, and tried to stay in the shade as much as we could. Oh and we got some free ice cream, that was my favorite part :)
Later that night we headed over to the BYU campus to try to find a spot to watch the Stadium of Fire Fireworks that they shoot off at the stadium (or The Cougar Place as Kylie calls it). We found the perfect little spot, munched on some caramel and pink candy corn, and waited for the show to start.
IMG_5917 IMG_5922
The show didn’t start until an hour after we thought it would so the girls had plenty of time to put on some shows and do some dancing for us and everyone around us. And luckily they were all sorts of hopped up on sugary popcorn so it didn’t matter that it was almost 3 hours past their bedtime… 
The fireworks were pretty awesome. I’m sure it would have been better had we been in the stadium where the performers and music were, but it was still pretty good out on the lawn, especially because it was free :) The girls loved it.
IMG_5977 IMG_5995
Happy 4th of July! 

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