28 Weeks & A Picnic

July 13, 2012

(I am totally back-dating this post because I’ve been a slacker, so this was actually weeks ago but no one will ever know because I changed the date – sneaky sneaky)

I’m 28 weeks (and five days) today. I can’t help but look down and wonder how on earth my belly is going to continue to grow. It doesn’t seem possible that I can really get any bigger than I already am. I looked back a pictures of my pregnancies with the girls the other night and that reminded me that indeed I can (and will) get much, much bigger. This little guy is active 24/7 and especially when I want to relax. My sweet tooth came back with the start of this third trimester which is awesome for my taste buds, but maybe not so awesome for my post-baby-body goals… Good thing I don’t really ever stick to those anyway, right? And let’s just back up a bit, Third Trimester??? What? This is going by waaaayyyy too fast.

I still wonder and dream all the time about what he will look like. For the longest time Mike and I just assumed that all of our kids would look the same, with blonde hair and blue eyes and be big chubby babies, but then our little Emmie Grace surprised us with her tiny frame and bright red hair so now I don’t know what to expect. I joke that this little guy will come out with long dark black hair, but really I still think he’ll be a sweet chunky blonde with blue eyes. I had that dream about him back when I was about 20 weeks and I still remember it so vividly. I think about that dream all the time and it makes me so excited to finally get to hold him – just a few more months.

Baby-Brother-28-weeks-crop2I took the girls to the park this morning for a little breakfast picnic. It was wonderful because we had the whole place to ourselves and it was still cool enough that we could actually stay out and play. I hurried and ate my food so I could just sit on the grass and watch them eat. It’s strange how cute my kids are when they eat. It’s strange how much I talk about how cute my kids are…    IMG_8050 IMG_8051 The girls are so fun to watch running around on the jungle gyms (do people still call them that?). They both go for the slides but Ky gets up there twice as fast so she gets in two slides by the time Emily gets up the stairs. This was the first time they went on the big racer slides together, without Mommy or Daddy holding any hands (mostly because I am too protective, they really are fearless, especially that little one). But I still made sure they held each others’ hands just to be safe :) IMG_8069 IMG_8078
I highly recommend breakfast picnics. They are pretty great.

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