It Snowed... A Little...

January 15, 2012

It snowed, but just barely. I still can't believe how mild this winter has been in Utah. Our old home in Arkansas got more snow this year than we did. Crazy, right? Anyway, it snowed last week and Daddy took Ky out to play in it and make some tiny snow people while Emily and I, aka the cold-intolerant ones, stayed inside in the warm house.

I was pretty impressed with the snow-mickey and little man made with some leftover nails and wood from the construction going on across the street. They built their tiny men on top of a pallet of wood and the construction workers were even nice enough to use that pallet last and let the little men live until the snow finally melted. For the next couple days, every time we went outside Kylie was so excited to check on her little snow people.
Mike told me this little pile of snow was Kylie's mermaid. She made it herself :)

When Daddy and Ky finally came back in from the cold Em was excited to show them how she was ready to go out. She wore Daddy's beanie around the house for the next hour or so, patting her head and saying "hat, hat" "outside."

And that pretty much wraps up our winter fun this year! Haha! Maybe next year we'll get the snow I've been dreading (but secretly hoping for) since we moved here :)

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