Kylie's 2 yr Photos

August 24, 2010

So, when I was thinking about how I wanted to do Ky's 2 yr shoot I had originally pictured her a field of tall grass with some pink balloons or hot pink gerbera daisies. Well, it just so happened that the day we planned out going to do her pictures was on a Sunday and we didn't have either of those props and since we don't like to go shopping on Sundays, I had to think of a plan B. I liked this plan a whole lot better. We took Kylie out to an empty field with her blanket and pillows from her new "Big Girl Bed" and a picnic basket with all of her favorite babies inside. I love how personal these pictures are and they completely tell the story of Kylie at 2 years old. And Kylie LOVED having her "nigh nigh" and pillows out in the field. She thought it was pretty darn fun and that made my job a lot easier. We didn't even have to bribe her once :)

Here's our beautiful little two year old, Kylie Elizabeth:

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