Happy Easter!

April 11, 2010

We had such an awesome Easter! The Easter Bunny left a nice little basket for Kylie when she woke up Sunday morning. She was so excited to see all the treats and especially the new little bunny friend. Of course, once she discovered that the shiny little eggs were chocolate and the plastic eggs were filled with candy, we had to quickly distract her. After her first tastes of chocolate the day before, this girl will stop at nothing to get more. We had a nice breakfast and then the (pregnant) Easter Bunny hopped around the backyard hiding Easter eggs while Daddy and Kylie watched from the window inside (so this makes E.E. Hunt #3, for those of you that are keeping track). Each of the plastic eggs had one foil wrapped chocolate in it and after finding each egg, she opened it up to make sure the contents were acceptable, and then proceeded to open each candy and try to sneak a taste. When we were all finished hunting, we gave in and stripped Kylie down to her diaper, set her on a blanket and let her gobble up some of her precious chocolate. It was quite the sight to see. After our hunt we enjoyed another wonderful session of General Conference and finished off the day with a big 'ol Easter ham. What a wonderful day!

CBass  – (April 11, 2010 at 8:49 PM)  

Happy Easter! Those pictures are so cute. Wish she could have hunted with Luke and Elle...the easter bunny made an appearance at our house and it would have been great to see her reaction. Luke keeps telling me he misses Kylie...its really cute.

Dear little one,  – (April 12, 2010 at 7:54 PM)  

haha i LOVE the picture of her with her tongue out looking sooooo excited to get some of that candy! haha. How fun! Props to the pregnant easter bunny by the way! haha. Love and miss you muchly! Happy easter!!!

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