Our Little Princess

February 3, 2010

Kylie is going to be turning 18 months old this month! Can you believe it?

She's such a big girl! By the way, right before we took these pictures she pulled out both of her piggy tails...ugh

So here's a little update on some of our pretty little princess' favorite things:

She is talking like crazy and tries to repeat much of what we say. Here are some of her favorite words (and what they really sound like):

Mama        (Ma Ma)
Dada         (Da Da)
Up             (Op)
Apple        (App ie)
Banana      (Blan Blan)
Cracker     (Cra Gah)
Cookie      (Coo Cah)
Grandma   (Gwa Gwa)
Papa         (PawPaw)
Grandpa    (Gwa Da)
Baby         (Baby)
Auntie        (Ti Ti!)
Jesus          (Jee jsus)
Hat             (Hat)
Pretty         (Breety)
Ball            (Ball)
Big Ball      (Ball Ball)
Bubbles      (Buh Buh)
Tissue         (Tzi zoo) -she learned that one when we were battling a little cold-

She also loves her animal noises and these are the ones she's best at:
Fish Kiss
Scary Snake

Kylie also loves watching Wheel of Fortune with her Daddy. Just about every night they cuddle up and watch it together. Daddy asks her "which letter?" and Kylie shouts out either 'A' 'I' 'B' 'T' or sometimes 'O." We thought it was just cute and silly at first but Kylie really is learning more of her letters. Crazy!

Kylie has always loved bubbles but this is a new one that we both fell in love with. Gymboree has the absolute best bubbles and bubble blower! The solution is non-toxic and made of a sugar water mixture. The bubbles are so cute and tiny and the float around forever. And the best part (for me) The blower means I don't have to dig around for a wand and get my hands or carpet soaked. Highly recommended and will definitely entertain for hours! Kylie absolutely loves her "Buh Buh"s

Ti Ti –   – (February 3, 2010 at 3:54 PM)  

I'm still stuck on the Mecca :( haha I wish you could come visit! July can't come soon enough xo!

Janelle  – (February 3, 2010 at 4:10 PM)  

Wow, she's got probably at least as many words as Julie. It sounds like Kylie's are probably clearer than Julie's, too, and Julie is 21 months!

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