We've Got Company!

March 15, 2009

Grandma Sherri came to visit this week and we have been having so much fun! Kylie loves playing with her Grandma and getting so much cuddly love, and I think Grandma likes it too... While she has been here, my mom has been helping me get started on my very first "Kylie Dress!" We finished it just in time for Kylie to wear it to church today. Unfortunately, it's a little big, but we just put a cardigan over it and no one could tell. It is, of course, lots of pink and lots of poof and such a pretty princess dress- perfect for our little KyKy. We were so excited about how it turned out, last night we went out to buy more fabric to make 2 more! So Fun! As soon as Kylie wakes up from her nap we are going to take some pictures of her in her new dress, So I'll be posting those later. It's been so fun having Grandma here and we can't wait to spend another two whole days with her!

{Playing with Grandma while getting dressed.}

{I'm so excited about the top, can you tell?}

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