Around We Go!

January 22, 2009

Kylie got a new toy! It's a great exer-saucer from Bright Starts and she just loves it! It has a seat on wheels that moves around an activity base. She's not quite big enough to actually move herself around it, but she loves it when we swing her around to a new toy. Eventually she'll be able to walk around it by herself. Her favorite is playing the piano. She will play a few notes, turn the pages and then look over at me for my approval. It's so cute!

{There are just so many things to play with, I don't know where to start.}

{Daddy, look at my new toy!}

{So much fun!}

{She loves grabbing onto the sides and pulling herself up when she's lying in her bouncer. It's the funniest thing to watch.}

{Sitting up is so much fun!}

{Getting so excited playing the piano- this is from my phone, sorry about the quality}

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