March 10, 2012

My children aren't the only ones that wake up in their princess jammies and immediately want to put of twirly skirts and listen to princess music, are they? I swear, I don't know where they get it from... 

We've been taking it super easy around here lately. So easy, in fact that I haven't pulled out my camera in a while because I feel like we do the same thing pretty much every day and  none of it is really exciting enough to take pictures of. (Luckily, though, I do have Instagram so that makes grabbing cute little moments between my girls a little easier than saying, "Hang on, let Mommy grab her camera and get a card and batteries and put a lens on...") Our days usually consist of playing dress-up, making messes, cleaning up the messes, errands, eating, naps, and then more messes and cleaning, and then hopefully dinner by the time Daddy gets home from school. It's actually pretty wonderful. (Except for the whole messes thing, when will they learn that mommy really doesn't like cleaning?) 
The girls are always trying to get into my button stash. It's funny to me how much they enjoy dumping things out of their respective containers. And it really doesn't matter what it is, just as long as there are alot of little tiny pieces to pick up later :) I decided to just go with it today, but they played by mommy's rules :) I put a blanket down for quick clean up and gave them some muffin tins to sort their colors. Kylie called her colors "families." "I'm sorting them in their families so they can be so happy together" And I tried to help Emily with hers but she pretty much preferred to just sort by the fistful.

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