...The Darndest Things

December 10, 2011

Oh, gracious! I wish I could record everything that goes on in our crazy house or at least all of the crazy things that our whitty little three-year-old says. She cracks me up! This is such a fun age because she has her own thoughts and real dialogues and she tells the funniest, most detailed & animated stories.

The other night I was tucking her into bed and I leaned over and said, "Kylie, I just love you so much" after which there was a long pause and she replied, "...awkward..."

I died.

Another night, tucking her in, I said, "Kylie, who do I love?" and without missing a beat she replied, "Lamp!"

I've tried teaching her how to tell knock knock jokes. We are still working on coming up with good punchlines... This is how they usually go:
Kylie: knock knock,
Me: who's there?
Kylie: (looks around the room and shouts first thing she sees) lamp couch!
Me: lamp couch who?
Kylie: Mommy!
Me: pillow hat who?
Kylie: Daddy!
Me: tree who?
Kylie: Emmie Grace!
...we'll keep working on it.
This crazy little firecracker not only lights up our world, but she keeps us laughing all the while too.

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