December 27, 2011

We spent Christmas up in Idaho this year. It was so fun to get up there again and it was actually our first Christmas morning we've spent up there since the girls were born. It was fun to be around so much family during the holidays!

We continued our Christmas Eve tradition by opening up some brand new Christmas jammies:

The girls came out bright-eyed and ready to open some presents. Christmas morning is 1000 times better when you are a parent getting to watch your babies get so excited about all of the Christmas magic. 
Kylie helped Em open all of her presents. How nice of her big sister, right... Emily wasn't too excited about the help, but it was still cute. 
The only things Kylie asked for were a Jingle dog and princess stuff. She was a happy girl!
Daddy getting a hot wheels massage, and mommy cutting out some quiet book dolls for the girls. 
We spent the rest of the day making the rounds with family, eating lots of food and tasty treats and enjoying the special time of the year. Gosh, Christmas feels like it completely snuck up on us and was gone before we knew it! Where has this year gone?

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