Easter Egg Hunt (#1)

March 30, 2010

We went to our first Easter Egg hunt this past Saturday. It was put on by the local 4-H club and I guess not that many people knew about it because there was hardly anyone there and Kylie was able to find tons or eggs. She thought it was lots of fun. We loved watching her get excited about every single egg she collected. "Oh!" she would shout as she went running to another egg. When the hunt was over, she took each piece of candy out of the little plastic eggs, lined them up on the picnic table around her, and counted. She loves counting. Too bad she didn't get to try any of that pretty wrapped candy. (Is that weird that our 19 month old has never had a piece of candy...?)

It was a little windy...
C'mon Daddy, "Han Han"

The best part of the whole day was when she unknowingly started to leave a pastel colored trail behind her. 
It was precious.
So excited about her eggs and new bunny!
Squeezing in a group picture. We finally got a point and shoot camera!!!

Megan  – (April 8, 2010 at 1:51 PM)  

These pictures are so cute! That Kylie is just a doll!

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