Kirby Family Reunion

July 17, 2009

While we were in Idaho we were able to attend the annual Kirby Family Reunion. This year we went camping in Spencer, Idaho. It was so pretty up there and we had so much fun! It was Kylie's first time camping and she did great.

I'm ready Daddy! Let's go!

Getting anxious for our walk around the campgrounds.

Mama and KyKy on our walk.

I love nature walks!

Genuine enthusiasm.

I was being a scary tiger in the forest...

Blowing kisses

Waving at the kids lined up on the sidewalk to watch Kylie in her imaginary parade. Every time she gets in the stroller now, she starts waving and blowing kisses... even when there is no one around.

We survived the first night. Getting ready for pancakes the next morning.

Kylie really wasn't interested in putting any of her baby food into her mouth. She much preferred smearing it on her bib and playing with the jar.

Watching Daddy in his horseshoe tournament with a spaghetti stained face.

Some of the cousins lined up for a whack at their own home-made pinatas.

Wearing the cute little sunhat that we bought just for camping and she refused to keep on her head for more than 4 seconds. She's got a really good arm when it comes to throwing sunhats.

Kylie loves to play "peek-a-boo" but she doesn't always get her hands in the right spot.

Playing with her Auntie Katie.

Getting tickled by Grandma Tracy.

Kylie and her Grandpa Don.

The Mathesons  – (July 23, 2009 at 6:03 PM)  

Good heck this child is adorable!!

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