Sneaky Peeks

December 21, 2008

Every morning since Kylie moved into her big-girl crib, her day starts like so:

1. Wake up and look around, all the while talking to the ladybugs on her bumper and the ceiling fan in the sky.

2. Feel around for that pesky little bumper that blocks her view. Grab on tight and get ready!

3. Straight up it goes and now she can see more than just the world inside her crib.

4. She goes on like this for a while peeking through the gap between the bumper and mattress until Mommy comes to scoop her up.

{p.s. These pictures were taken as she was waking up from a short nap. No, she doesn't sleep fully clothed and with a bow in her hair, but she sure is cute, isn't she?!? }

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