Happy Birthday, Kylie!

September 20, 2008

Our little girl is growing up so fast! She's already ONE MONTH OLD (yesterday)! It really is true what they say... She is growing and learning more and more each day. She is responding more to our voices and can recognize our faces. It's so cute to see the look she gets on her face when Daddy comes home from work. She is definitely Daddy's little girl already.

For her one-month-birthday we went out to celebrate. We had dinner at Olive Garden, where Mommy and Daddy stuffed themselves silly, and then came home to a Happy Birthday Cake for Kylie. I spent most of the day trying to make a little cake, from scratch I might add, while holding a little girl that just wanted to be cuddled all day... but I'm not complaining at all. She is such a little cuddle bug! And all day Miss Kylie was all dressed up in her 'Party Dress.' She was very excited to celebrate with us.

"Hooray for Party Dresses!!!"

Kylie's Birthday Cake

Mike plays a fun little game with her and gets her to smile, like this... We love it!

Here's a little video of Daddy making her smile. This makes my heart smile!

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