Our Little Sous Chef

January 25, 2010

Ever since Kylie got her very own play kitchen for Christmas I think she is convinced that she should be our little helper whenever we are cooking anything in our big person kitchen. She likes to show us how it's done. Whenever one of us are standing at the counter preparing anything, Kylie runs in, shimmys her little body into the space between our legs and the cabinets and insists on being "up." She wants to make sure we are doing everything right, I suppose. 
On this particular night she was watching the lasagna for me. What a good little helper!

maryandjohnny  – (January 25, 2010 at 3:39 PM)  

that is so cute! Caity does the same thing. She is darling!

James and Christina Carrick  – (January 25, 2010 at 4:04 PM)  

i can't wait to have my little girl here!!! your blog always leaves me even more excited to be a mommy!!!

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